All our meetings are great fun, although if you want to introduce someone to Rotary but are hesitant to do so until “the time is right”, because you want them to have an extra special first experience, then that extra special opportunity is coming soon.
Everyone enjoys a great, motivational speaker … who lifts our mood, so we feel great!  Along with that, if the atmosphere of the occasion is vibrant, your guest will feel included and enjoy themselves.
Our combined meeting with Remuera Rotary on Monday 30 August is the perfect time to bring along someone to learn a little about Rotary, and to meet fellow Rotarians.  This will be a popular gathering with many in attendance where they can chat with others over a drink and a meal and be inspired by a top-rated motivational speaker … Allie Mooney.
So how about it?  Ask your potential member if they would like to come, and RSVP as detailed below: 
Monday 30 August at 5.30pm
Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Road, Epsom
$25 pp
RSVP to by Tuesday 17 August
Allie Mooney about “Pressing the Right Buttons”
After this initial introduction to Rotary, then get them along to our Quiz Night on Friday 24 September, or to a St Johns Rotary club meeting as a follow up (remember that their first Rotary meeting meal is complimentary for prospective members, as they are hosted by our club).