St Johns Rotary has a plan ... a very great plan.  Not only have we done things well during Lockdown we have OPERATION REBOOT to propel us into the future.  Read more about this exciting future below:
St Johns Rotary has not been in inactive over the last few weeks!
As New Zealand locked down the club immediately instigated effective communications measures to ensure that members remain in touch with each other.  Initially this was a Zoom chat meeting once a week and a team phoned all members once a week to check they were all OK and help if necessary.  Then the Zoom meetings became regular club meetings with some amazing guest speakers (it is wonderful who you can get online) and these were then followed by a chat session.  In addition, the incredibly popular weekly bulletin kept all informed.  But that was not all as the Board continued to meet regularly and contact with the community was maintained.
Out of that contact it was identified that the Glen Innes Foodbank was going to need support to meet the anticipated high demand so a Lockdown project saw members dropping off (contactless) food items to a central point plus many members made a donation that will be used to purchase food items at cost from Stonefields New World.
Club committees have also continued to meet online and plan their activities in anticipation of Level 1’s arrival.  These plans have been grouped under the title OPERATION REBOOT
OPERATION REBOOT’s list includes:
  • Glen Innes Foodbank Collection at New World on the 1st Saturday after Level 1 is declared (plus other dates)
  • Club changeover on 26 June – theme is ‘Supporting our champions’
  • Hospice High Tea – a socially distance appropriate fundraiser
  • Dictionaries in Schools
  • Toothbrushes in schools
  • Interact support – Glendowie College Interact Club
  • Trees for Survival
  • Environmental clean-ups – Oamaru Stream Point England is first up when permitted
  • School garden projects to resume
  • Emergency Response Kits – donations towards plus packing teams
  • Rotary Youth Drive Awareness support
The above is a start.  There are much more projects being discussed.