Posted by Robyn Ingram
Henning has sent us an update (via FaceBook Messenger)
Good Day, here I’m again!
I arrived good in Germany, but missed one flight in Dubai, so I arrived few hours later than I expected.  After that I did do an internship for four weeks at an carpentry company, but they didn’t want to take me, so I called at one day with 20 companies to get an apprenticeship training position as soon as possible.  And one company said that I could come around the next day to talk with the boss.
The next 5 days I stayed at a National Scout Jamboree with around 4,500 Scouts just over Berlin at a lake on the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (If you come to Germany that region is a must to do for you!)
After that nice days at the scout camp, I started the carpentry apprenticeship.  I worked then for two weeks, then I went for three weeks to a carpentry school.  In our class are 6 people, so it’s a pretty relaxing class.  Now I’m working again for 4 weeks in my company.
I started this Wednesday also with my theorie car driving lessons, and during the weekend I drove with my oldest brother around a car park.
Unfortunately I have also bad news:  I think I can’t come the next three years to New Zealand, because I will have every year only 30 days Holidays.  I miss the old days in New Zealand!
I got right now also an exchange student from USA, so I’m not alone at home.  Sorry that I can’t put photos into my page, but my life got now really boring without you!
I hope you are all in good conditions!?  Hear from you.
Yours Henning