Monday and Tuesday I went to Motat, AKL Museum, Victoria Park Market and many other places in and around the city. I did that to complete the Facebook Easter Challenge which Sue created for me Later last week.

Allan and Sue were until Wednesday at the South Island for hiking.

Until they arrived Debbie, my host sister took care of me.

On the day Allan and Sue arrived I “surprised” the whole Smith family with a German 2 course Menu.


I went after the Thursday morning Rotary meeting to the Ingram's to work there a little bit, to talk with my hostsister and Robyn and to walk the Dog Kobi.

At Lunch Time I took the Bus to Sylvia Park to meet there some friends from school and to watch “The Fate of the Furious”.


Saturday Morning I watched Zac playing Rugby League, afterwards we drove down to Whangamata to meet there Family from Allan and Sue. We went to the beach, did Buggy boarding and Sunday we just relaxed, because the weather was nasty.


Henning's Fact for the week:

Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto, was born in the Rhineland city of Trier and was a keen member of the Trier Tavern Club drinking society (Landsmannschaft der Treveraner).


Henning's phrase for the week:

“Die Religion... ist das Opium des Volkes” - Karl Marx 1818-1883

“religion is the opium of the people”