Some Rotary evenings are up there with the best entertainment "money can buy" and the annual debate between St John's and Auckland East Rotarys' was utterly spectacular. The St John's Rotary team presented themselves with a strong, well researched argument that over 18yos should be made to receive the C-19 vaccine ... all very serious vs Auckland East Rotary who very very entertainingly (and dressed to match) argued vaccinations were important but should not be compulsory as people can be trusted "to do the right thing ".
Pics show some of the 60 odd present socialising before a sumptuous dinner and then 'Donald T" selling Covid-curing sunbeds, the St Johns Rotary team in action, 'Mary Poppins" in full song, 'THE Doctor' supplying supplementary medical 'advice' and finally a pic of the St John's Rotary team stoically receiving the independent Adjudicators assessment before the jubilation of being declared Winners.