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Thanks to everyone who attended our first dinner meeting last week.

As is often the case in this COVID world we live in, our intended speaker couldn’t make it. To the rescue came Co- President Penny’s ‘little bro’ Roger,

(Roger was our ‘Camp Father’ in our RYLA year) who absolutely entertained us with his exploits during his two visits, 20 years apart, to Antarctica counting birds, more precisely birds named Skuas, whom he did not view with affection!

We also reported that the Board had made 2 donations, one was a request by a Rotary Club that we work with the Sally Army project, and one was made to our local Men’s Shed. Hugh championed the Men’s Shed donation of $1,000 towards their commitment to build 30 chairs for disabled children in Tonga. The Board thinks it is important to establish a working relationship with the Men's Shed The second donation was $400 towards dental work for a much valued  long term Sally Army volunteer. This we combined with a number of other clubs to lend a helping hand.

RYLA started last Saturday, thanks to Tom and his volunteers our 7 candidates were ‘delivered’, and what a wonderful week they have in store. We look forward to hearing of their exploits at a future meeting.

Your Co-Presidents represented the Club at District Changeover yesterday and they will report on the event at our next club meeting.

Keep an eye on the club's planned activity programme, there is plenty to keep everyone involved, and if you have any ideas please just contact us and share them.

Have a good week and see you on Thursday.

Penny & Lesley

Meeting in Review - July 1st 2021
It was a very cold evening, but the weather didn’t stop 21 members and 12 guests attend our monthly Dinner Meeting last Thursday.
Our guest speaker scheduled to talk was James Palmer, but unfortunately, at very short notice, he was required to self-isolate and with less than 12 hours’ notice, this could have been an issue, but as detailed in the Presidents' message above, this was not the case.  Penny was immediately on the phone to her younger “Bro”, Roger, knowing that he always has a good story to tell.  She was not wrong and we were treated to an excellent talk by Roger McGarry, but more of that below.
Our Co-presidents’ Leslie and Penny presented club notices and we were all reminded that the updated speakers list always appears in the weekly Bulletin along with a complete list of upcoming events and planned activities.  Over the next month or two there is plenty planned, so please do be sure to stay up to date with the planned club activities and ensure that you have these in your diary.
Penny then introduced Roger and passed on the club's sincere thanks to him for coming to her aid at such short notice.  Roger was described by Penny as the boy who never grew up, the guy that never says no, and even though he may have felt that he had been thrown under the bus, he stood up to the request and said sure! 
Among many other interesting experiences he has had over the last 20 odd years, Roger has been fortunate enough to visit Antarctica twice and it was these experiences that he chose to talk about to St. Johns Rotary.  His first visit came about when he was in the Territorials 20 plus years ago,  Roger has always had a fascination with the frozen continent and has never been afraid of the ice, snow and cold and he managed to convince the New Zealand Antarctica Scientific Society, that there was a breed of “Scuas”, (sea birds), that live there and survive by inflicting significant damage to the “Adelie Penguin” Colony, by eating the eggs and the un-protected chicks.  His mission was to count the Scuas, something that had never been done before.  Before he knew it, his proposal was accepted and he was on a 9.5 hour journey in a very noisy and aging US Airforce Hercules aircraft to Scott Base which is where the New Zealand Antarctic base is located.
Twenty years later in a much newer aircraft and taking only 4.5 hours in a US Globemaster aircraft, he was on his way back to again count the Scuas'!!  As you would expect, two visits to the Antarctica resulted in some very interesting stories and a collection of photographs, from the highest, driest, coldest and the most beautiful continent in the world, which Roger shared with us over the next 30 minutes
Many thanks again Roger, not only for sharing your time with us, but at such short notice.  Very much appreciated.
Club Meetings and Other Important Dates
THURSDAY JULY 8th - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker Gordon Robertson, Glendowie College:

Gordon was appointed as the seventh Principal of Glendowie College in August 2020 and has been a member of this school community since 1986.  We look forward to hearing his update on the college, his educational philosophy and what goals GDC has for the near future.



THURSDAY JULY 15th - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker - Danielle Bergen:

Danielle is the Manager of Island Child Charitable Trust based in Glen Innes, and will tell us about they work they do.  The Trust is a small grassroots organisation with a big heart making a sustainable difference in the lives of whānau facing a housing crisis.  It successfully rehomes between 48-55 whānau (residential and non-residential clients) each year, depending on available housing.  Their goal is to assist more individuals and families.  The Trust provides transitional housing and a 12-week residential programme that operates 24/7 from premises in Glen Innes and in a neighbouring suburb.  At any one time they can host up to 12 families or a total of 40 people across three properties. 


THURSDAY JULY 22nd - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker - Conrad LaPointe:

Conrad is the General Manager for Habitat for Humanity Auckland, a non-profit organisation that helps families build and improve a place to call home, here in NZ and around the world.  They believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.  Conrad (who has been a guest of our club a number of times over the years) and advises this time he will be coming with some controversial statements on housing to illicit debate! 


Salvation Army Food Parcel Packing for July
 - Wednesday Volunteer Dates
Hello Club Members
These are the Wednesday dates for volunteer packing in July at the Mt Wellington depot: 
Date:  Wednesday 14 July & Wednesday 28 July
Time:  9:00am - 2:00pm (can arrive later as suits, and we often finish earlier)
Venue:  18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington (off Carbine Road)
Please let PP Robyn know if you would like to help - just click here to email her.
Satellite Clubhouse With A View
A few of St. Johns Rotary members and partners, together with the Rotary Wheel and a couple of furry friends, enjoyed a weekend visit to the Pauanui St, Johns Satellite Club-house.  What a great view!
Kev's Candid Camera Album
Kev was away visiting the Satellite Club-house, but once again, in his absence, Aubrey stepped up to add a few photos to the Album from last weeks meeting.  Thanks Aubrey.
Great to see Penny's family present to support "Little Bro".
Please, please can I come with you on your next visit to the Antarctica.
If I record that everyone is already here, can I leave the Attendance Desk and have some dinner?
Now what's wrong in this picture?  Murray knows and he's not happy!
I don't think it's as funny as Gary does.
Come on - I'll smile at the camera if you will. 
Time For A Smile

A young boy had just passed all the rigorous driving tests and was awarded his licence. He asked his father, who was a minister, if they could discuss the use of the family car.
            “I’ll make a deal with you, :” his father said. “You are about to sit exams. Lift your marks, study the bible a little, and get your hair cut; Then we’ll talk about it “

A month later the boy came back and again asked his father if he could use the car.
            “Son, I’m really proud of you, “ the father responded.  “You lifted your exam results, studied the bible well; but, disappointingly, you didn’t get your hair cut”

The young man waited a moment and then replied,
            “You know dad, I’ve been thinking about that. Samson had long hair. Moses had long hair, Noah had long hair and even Jesus had long hair” and their significance influenced humankind.

His father replied gently, “Yes son, and they walked everywhere they went”. 


Rotary Four Way Test
Next Meeting:
Breakfast Meeting
Thursday July 8th
7.00am for 7.15am
Venue:  Remuera Golf Club
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Meeting Responsibilities
Thursday 8 July MORNING
Key, Gary
Boyd, Lynette
Mayne, Alan
Speaker Host
Street, Tom
Speaker Thanks & Close
Buchanan, Peter
Harris, Lesley
Thursday 15 July MORNING
Francis, Andy
Scott-Russell, Hugh
Robinson, Beryl
Speaker Host
Robinson, Colin
Speaker Thanks & Close
Bell, Patrick
Mcphee, Angus
Thursday 22 July MORNING
Fergus, Brian
Jolliffe, Cheri
Hartstone, David
Speaker Host
Fabian, Graham
Speaker Thanks & Close
Tedcastle, Isabella
Robinson, Neil
Thursday 29 July MORNING
Roake, Muriel
Belthazar, Jane
Rutherford, Christie
Speaker Host
Lucas, Claire
Speaker Thanks & Close
James, David
Wheadon, Ruth

Club Contacts

Penny McGarry 021 702 310 &
Lesley Harris 027 4935 498
Secretary, Treasurer & Apologies: 
Alex Gatt 021 571 722
Presidents' Elect: 
Gary Key 021 611 169 & Graham Fabian 021 826 292
Club Services: 
Robyn Ingram  022 0200 171 
Foundation: Gary Key 021 611 169
Community: Hugh Scott Russell 021 0813 7313 & John Lewisham 09 5288908.
Youth: Tom Street 021 685 651
Science & Technology: Peter Buchanan 027 434 1832
Michelle Forman 021 0277 9456, Angus McPhee  09 575 1007 & Cheri Joliffe 021 037 7559
Membership: Beryl Robinson 021 652 802. Email:
Bulletin Editor: Pete Walsh 021 747 858.
Club: Email:
Area Govenor: Ashwini Sadhu
021 305 261,
Our Meetings
We meet Thursday for breakfast at
7:00 am for 7:15 am start,
except for the first Thursday of the month, when we meet in the evening at 6:00 pm for dinner.
Remuera Golf Club
120 Abbotts Way
Auckland 1072
New Zealand 
All Rotarian's are welcome 
including family members.
Others wanting to visit are most welcome - please phone or email:
Beryl Robinson 021 652 802. Email:
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