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Co-Presidents St. Johns Rotary, Penny McGarry (Ph: 021 702 310), and Lesley Harris (Ph: 027 4935 498).


From the Presidents Pen

Our ‘RYLA’ evening meal commenced a little late, as an accident on Abbotts Way caused traffic delays. Most got there eventually, by walking over the golf course, pleading their case with Police, or waiting till the traffic moved in Speights Ale House in Stonefields!!) then our thoughts turned to the victims of the accident, we of course wished them well.

Our numbers were 51, almost half members and half guests, so great to see a near full dining room and hear the chatter of voices as the Rylarian candidates were reunited and RYPEN team leaders were joined by ‘always welcome’ Ainie.  Peter Ross and members of the District RYLA team joined us, there were potential new members, and of course fellowship and laughter were prevalent among our St Johns membership and their guests.

Gavin Gilmer's 30+ years of service was recognized, he disputed the term and said he was 25+ years, he is now ‘bonded’ to the RCSTJ for at least the next 5 years!

All in all a very wonderful Rotary evening, one we can all be very proud of.

On a lighter note, (excuse the pun!) your Co Presidents, the Smiths and the Hutchinson's attended the Annual Musical Gala Concert at Glendowie College last week. There were 73 exceptionally talented students performing and the concert was very enjoyable.

Thank you for the invites Glendowie College

L and P

Meeting in Review - August 5th 2021
Last weeks meeting lived up to expectation with our recently awarded Rylarians turning up in force to share their experiences from last months RYLA Camp.  More on RYLA further down following other news / Club Notices.
The first formality on the night was for Co-President Lesley to present Gavin Gilmer with his 30+ years of Rotary service letter from the International President.  Congratulations Gavin and a big thank you from all your Rotary colleagues for your commitment and service over so many years.
Co-President Penny then thanked all club members for their participation last weekend, collecting grocery items from some very generous shoppers at the Lunn Ave New World.  The recipients of the 80 boxes of food collected was the GI CAB.
Peter B and Gary updated the club on progress at the Apirana Reserve.  It's a very large reserve which is critical to the environment and water quality in the many other streams in the area.  This "project", and our involvement with the Council and other volunteer groups, has the potential to become a significant ongoing project for our club - it joins the dots and crosses the t's.  Watch this space for more on our involvement in the future.
Prior to hearing from the RYLA contingent, President Penny welcomed PP and Honorary member, Ainie Kwok to update us on the District 9920 Spring RYPEN Camp which will take place in October this year.  Ainie has secured the support of Rotaract and former Rylarians to organise and run RYPEN, and over the last two years Rotarians have been able to step back and hand the reigns over to these folk who have done an excellent job. This is another prime example of taking advantage of previous Rotary activity to further join the dots while retaining the interest of these young people.  Ainie also introduced the next band of RYPEN Leaders, and the Leader Craig Sionetuato and some of his team, updated us on their progress.
Great to see you again Ainie and sincere thanks for your continued support and efforts on behalf of District 9920, despite you now being an active member of Wellington Rotary.
Director Youth, Tom Street, was then invited to introduce the 2021 Rylarians along with Peter Ross District Director of RYLA, who introduced members of the District RYLA support group who were also keen to receive feedback from the awardees.
St, Johns Rotary sponsored eight young leaders to attend last months RYLA and six of the eight were present on the night - Pun, Fuga, Josh, Harsha, Scott and Spencer.  The presentation was broken into four sections; "Expectations", "Speakers", "Island Experience" and "the After".  All were very positive about RYLA, including the Island Experience, although in some cases this took awardees well out of their comfort zone to the edge of despair.  However, all made the most of the experience and they were able to capitalise on this and will take all experiences and new friendships forward into their life and careers.
In wrapping up the presentation and on behalf of all Rylarians, lead presenter Josh, sincerely thanked St. Johns Rotary for their sponsorship and their message to St. Johns and District 9920 was to remain involved in RYLA to help it to continue to grow and evolve.
Thanks was delivered by Gary and as usual his comments were very relevant and thought provoking, for both members and guests.   Interested to know more about RYLA 2021?  Click on the following link; !


Club Meetings and Other Important Dates
THURSDAY AUGUST 12th - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker: Eddie Uini.

Orange Sky provides free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation to people experiencing homelessness.  Eddie is the NZ Operations Manager of Orange Sky and will tell us about the NZ operation of this charitable organisation; exactly what they do and who they are helping.  Orange Sky was started in Australia in 2014 by two twenty-year olds; and then came to NZ in 2018.


THURSDAY AUGUST 19th - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speakers: DG Steve Chaney accompanied by DG Ashwini Sadhur; 

An address from DG Steve and AG Ashwini. will bring us up to speed with District plans and aspirations for the new Rotary year.








THURSDAY AUGUST 26th - Breakfast Meeting - Guest Speaker TBC


MONDAY AUGUST 30th - Dinner Meeting - Club Visit to the Rotary Club of Remuera - Guest Speaker; Allie Mooney - "PRESSING THE RIGHT BUTTONS".  This meeting will be at the Remuera Club venue:  Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Rd, Epsom.  RSVP's essential and to Robyn please: This meeting will be in-lieu of our regular club meeting on September 2nd. 

Ever wondered why you instantly ‘click’ with some people and feel as though you have been friends for life, yet there are some who can rub you up the wrong way – sometimes before they even open their mouth!

Ever given thought to how you could get on better with the people you work with?  What about that person you share a life with today is actually the same person you married?

And then there is the kids – even though they have been raised in the same home – can be so completely different?  Every day the roads are filled with different people heading in different directions with different goals in mind, yet all of us drive smoothly along with few mishaps because we all understand some common laws: we stop at stop signs and red lights, we go on green, and we try to follow the speed limit.

However in our relationships, both in the workplace and at home, we seem to have a few more bumps. We wish we could straighten out all those other people – those very same people who want to straighten us out!

Regardless of your upbringing, genetics or circumstances the key is knowing and understanding our differences.

Come for a fun and entertaining evening with New Zealand’s most acclaimed professional award winning speaker Allison Mooney. You will discover specific keys can enhance your life. And you will see how to truly enrich the partnerships with workmates your  family,  and all of those you come in contact with – all in a simple, unique and fun way.

This meeting will be at their Club:  Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Rd, Epsom.  RSVP's essential and to Robyn please:



  • Instead of our scheduled meeting on September 23rd we will defer by one day and have our QUIZ night on Friday September 24th.  Note Change of Date
FUNdraising  Rugby Night
Last Saturday, Ray White St Heliers hosted us to a FUNdraising Rugby night.  Well almost, first came the League and the curtain raiser was the win by the Warriors and then watching the 1st Bledisloe rugby test on the big Screen!

Good old kiwi chippies and dips were the starter, pizza for mains and ice creams at half time, what more can a Rotarian want! Such fun and the All Blacks won too!
We understand that Kevin shared the Pizza!  
St Johns Bush ... a jewel in our backyard
St Johns Bush is a remnant of coastal forest that was saved from developers and has since been restored and maintained in the heart of our community.  It really is a gem and a very relaxing place to visit. The club has had some considerable past involvement here, but not in recent times.
An Opportunity to Hear From Professor Shaun Hendy!
Our club has received the following e-mail should anyone be interested.
To: Harris, Lesley []
From: Jacqui Bernards []
Lesley – If any of your members are interested, we have Professor Shaun Hendy coming to speak to us about Covid on Monday 16 August. I would need to know by Thursday lunchtime (12 August) if anyone would like to attend, so we can confirm numbers with the venue. Date and Time: Monday 16 August 2021, 12.15pm for 12.30pm start (meeting will be finished around 1.30pm) Venue: The Hotel Britomart, Galway Street, CBD Cost: $50.00 per person Tickets: Contact Jacqui Regards Jacqui Rotary Club of Auckland.
Something Easy You Can Do For Your Club
These cards are available in the club boxes at the Golf Club.
These are business card sized so (hopefully) people will keep by placing into their wallet and have a QR code to help link to the website. The website has been upgraded and includes a direct personal contact for people to call. Yes, it has this year's theme at the top BUT that will not date re the public because it what we offer. Members will be encouraged to use these as often as the opportunity presents itself, not the least being an easy hand out at projects.
We want these to be well used and can reprint as needed so here is how you can help your club:
  • Have a few in your wallet and hand out whenever you meet someone who might be interested - the card saves you having to explain Rotary (unless you want to ... always best)
  • Take a few and place into letter boxes around your house ... if every member did just 10 that is 530 households who will hear of us
  • Place one or two cards onto the local shopping center community notice board
  • MAKE SURE you have a supply at projects so you can hand these out to the public - do not hold back BUT keep left overs safe for future use or return to the supply point.
In addition we need help with:
  • Placing posts on locals/residents association Facebook page - these can only be done if you are in their area.  We currently post to the 'Meadowbank/Remuera/St Johns/ Stonefields Locals' page.  If you are willing all that is asked is you join and let Colin know and he will send you the same post that he does - about every two weeks and only when there is something relevant for these pages.
  • Tape one of the cards to the front cover of your (read) monthly RDU magazine and leave in a local cafe
Kev's Candid Photo Album
Candid Kev was back in action at our last meeting and below you will find a few shots for the Album including photos of our Rylarians who shared their experiences at the meeting;
Roger, did you know that my name is up on the wall behind you?
Many members brought a guest along - thanks Liz and welcome again Margaret.
Well I wonder who's upset who!
Weren't this couple lucky - met at the door by Greeter Alan supported by his minder Gary.
Are you sure?  I thought it was my turn to run the meeting!
Welcome back Namrata and what a nice smile.  So is yours Tom!
A few of the District RYLA Support Team - thanks for joining our meeting.
Nice picture!
Rylarians Pun and Harsha
Rylarian Fuga
Rylarian Spencer
Rylarian Scott
Rylarian Tom
Time For A Smile
How Clever Are You?
Below are five questions,  You have to answer them instantly.  You can't take your time - answer all of them immediately you have read the question - OK?
First Question;
You are participating in a race.  You overtake the second person.  What position are you in?
If you answered that you were in first then you are wrong.  If you overtake the second person and you take his place, you are second.
Second Question:
If you overtake the last person, then you are...?
If you answered that you are second to last, then you are wrong again.  How can you overtake the LAST person?
Third Question:
This must be done in your head - no paper or calculator.  
Take 1,000, add 40, add another 1,000.  Now add 30.  Add another 1,000, now add 20.  Add another 1,000, add 10.  What is the total?
Did you get 5,000 - wrong, the answer is 4,100.  Don't believe - check it on a calculator.
Fourth Question:
Mary's father has five daughters
1. Nana
2. Nene
3. Nini
4. Nono
What is the name of the 5th daughter?
Question Five:
A person goes into a shop and wants to buy a toothbrush.  By imitating the action of brushing the teeth, he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is completed.  Next a blind man comes into the shop who wants to buy  a pair of sunglasses:  How does he indicate what he wants?
He just has to open his mouth and ask....
Rotary Four Way Test
Next Meeting:
Breakfast Meeting
Thursday August 12th 
7.00am for 7.15am
Venue:  Remuera Golf Club
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  • Meeting in Review - August 5th 2021 
  • Club Meetings & Other Important Dates
  • FUNdraising Fun
  • St. Johns - a Jewell in our Backyard
  • An Opportunity to listen Professor Shaun Hendy
  • Something you can do for Your Club
  • Kev's Candid Camera
  • Time for a Smile
Aug 12, 2021 7:00 AM
Orange Sky New Zealand
Aug 19, 2021 7:00 AM
Address from our newly appointed District Governor
Aug 26, 2021 7:00 AM
Aug 30, 2021 5:30 PM
Speaker: Allie Mooney 'Pressing the Right Buttons'
Sep 02, 2021 6:00 PM
Joining Rotary Club of Remuera - Speaker Allie Mooney
Sep 09, 2021 7:00 AM
Sep 23, 2021 7:00 AM
Sep 24, 2021 6:00 PM
Sep 30, 2021 7:00 AM
Auckland Councillor
Oct 07, 2021 6:00 PM
New Zealand’s Housing Crisis: An overview of the real stats and state of housing in NZ
Oct 27, 2021 6:00 PM
Oct 28, 2021 7:00 AM
Combined meeting with RC Auckland Harbourside
Nov 04, 2021 6:00 PM
Scott Brown Carpentry
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Jun 05, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021
Churchill Park Open Day
Aug 22, 2021
Next RLI
Aug 29, 2021
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Meeting Responsibilities
Thursday 12 August MORNING
Kevany, Kevin
Gatt, Alex
Lewisham, John
Speaker Host
Boyd, Lynette
Thanks & Close
Cain, Miles
Hutchinson, Murray
Thursday 19 August MORNING
Robinson, Colin
Ingram, Robyn
Gulani, Namrata
Speaker Host
Harris, Lesley
Thanks & Close
Fabian, Graham
Robinson, Beryl
Thursday 26 August MORNING
Hillman, Mark
Leyland, Penny
Wheadon, Ruth
Speaker Host
Scott-Russell, Hugh
Thanks & Close
Buchanan, Peter
Bell, Patrick

Club Contacts

Penny McGarry 021 702 310 &
Lesley Harris 027 4935 498
Secretary, Treasurer & Apologies: 
Alex Gatt 021 571 722
Presidents' Elect: 
Gary Key 021 611 169 & Graham Fabian 021 826 292
Club Services: 
Robyn Ingram  022 0200 171 
Gary Key 021 611 169
Hugh Scott Russell 021 0813 7313 & John Lewisham 09 5288908.
Tom Street 021 685 651
Science Technology & Education:
 Peter Buchanan 027 434 1832
Michelle Forman 021 0277 9456, Angus McPhee  09 575 1007 & Cheri Joliffe 021 037 7559
Beryl Robinson 021 652 802. Email:
Bulletin Editor: 
Pete Walsh 021 747 858.
Club: Email:
Area Govenor:
Ashwini Sadhu
021 305 261,
Our Meetings
We meet Thursday for breakfast at
7:00 am for 7:15 am start,
except for the first Thursday of the month, when we meet in the evening at 6:00 pm for dinner.
Remuera Golf Club
120 Abbotts Way
Auckland 1072
New Zealand 
All Rotarian's are welcome 
including family members.
Others wanting to visit are most welcome - please phone or email:
Beryl Robinson 021 652 802. Email:
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