Did you know that 85% of new members come from you as a valued existing member asking or referring someone to Rotary?
So, who do you know who would make a good Rotarian member of our club?  Will you bring a friend, family member, neighbour and/or colleague along to discover more about us as a vibrant club in their community?  Please don't pre-qualify them as to whether they have enough time or money etc - simply invite them to come along and experience who we are and let them make their own decision.
If you want to invite someone along, but are reluctant to do so yourself for whatever reason (we will not ask), then contact Beryl on 021 652 802 or email berylrobinson@xtra.co.nz with their name, email address and mobile number, so she can encourage them to join us for a great experience at a meeting, event and/or project, then follow-up at their pace. 
Let us ALL do something towards growing our club, as more members enables more ideas, more hands to do good at community projects, and more fun through Rotary!  Don't 'hog' the joy of membership - share it around ...