Loren O'Sullivan from Neustros Pequeños Hermanos New Zealand (NPHNZ)
Loren is the Director of Neustros Pequeños Hermanos New Zealand (NPHNZ), which is Spanish for ‘Our Little Brothers & Sisters’ – an organisation that helps over 3000 throughout Latin America who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned.  They support nine orphanages through fundraising initiatives in New Zealand, by providing education, healthcare and homes.  Loren is a former teacher who chose a posting in Honduras, where she stayed for two years teaching middle school English.  On her return to New Zealand, Loren resumed teaching for a year before she realised working for NPH was what she really wanted to do, knowing first-hand how donations can help.  "In my mind, I was like, this is only a dollar, and we can give a healthy snack to 20 of my students, who would then focus better in class and have more energy during the day."