The beautiful weather made for a great RYE Selection Weekend (24-26 May) held at Kokako Lodge, Hunua. Over the weekend, Kiwi applicants for our Rotary Youth Exchange programme spend time with current Inbound RYE's, ROTEX (returned Kiwi RYE's) and the RYE District Committee. The idea is to interact and get to know the applicants, tell them and their parents more about the programme and after the weekend, make the 'final' selection.
Our five Inbounds (Argentina, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France) were all there and had the important and fun job of interacting with the six applicants to get some 'peer-intel' on whether they would measure up as potential RYEs. They also got to promote their home Country and try and entice applicants to make their Country first choice.  To start the weekend, the Inbounds and Outbound applicants had a high ropes challenge. It was great to see how quickly they assisted and encouraged each other - even though they had only met 20 minutes prior to the challenge.
The only downside of the weekend was that we didn't have more applicants. If you are aware of a great all-round student who is aged between 15-18 years (at January 2020); they are still eligible to make a late application for Exchange, departing January 2020. Contact Robyn for further info.