Sam Lucas has some great news!

Yesterday marked Sarah's first day of work! You can probably imagine that we are overjoyed to see our first student stepping into the professional world! I just wanted to update you all to let you know the good news, and to say thank you for all your support that has allowed this to happen. 
The client that has hired Sarah is a UK based start up called FounderTribes. The position is exactly what we were hoping for. FounderTribes is a remote company with  employees spread across several different countries. Sarah will stay at Onja where we have good internet and guidance, and contribute to the company remotely.  

She has been hired as a software developer and is working directly with senior developers. This will allow Sarah to continue learning very quickly - while she is earning a personal income and pioneering an income source for Onja. 

We have a handful of other students who we think are also ready so we will be very busy now trying to find them positions too. So please recommend us to anyone working in IT especially those based in Europe, Australia or anywhere in between! 

Thanks again for supporting us and allowing us to reach this momentous day!


Sam Lucas is a St Johns Rotary member and Founder of ONJA in Madagascar.  St Johns Rotary has received the support of The Rotary Foundation re two large Global Grants that have helped fund ONJA.  Claire Lucas (Sam's sister) is also very involved in ONJA and is also a club member.