PLEASE NOTE:  Anyone interested in the masks mentioned here need to go to Lanaco at (with the arrival of Omicron the club has received several requests for supply from the public but we obtain masks for specific club charitable projects from Lanaco).
Members of our club are amazing in what they contribute via Rotary as described below:
Lanaco in Auckland is the manufacturer of N95-equivalent NZ wool masks and have been incredibly generous and supportive of access to these via Rotary to the more vulnerable in our communities.
Over the last few months, they have donated 70,000 of these masks to the Fijian communities in desperate need via Rotary Fiji and you can read about this HERE
Now underway, Lanaco have donated 30,000+ masks that are being distributed to those who cannot otherwise access or afford adequate masking via Rotary in Auckland to the foodbanks of the Salvation Army, Auckland City Mission and (to a lesser extent) the Glen Innes CAB.  This Auckland initiative is being very capably organised by Gary Key, Peter Ross (the main Rotary coordinator with the Salvation Army) and Christine Fenby (President Downtown Auckland who have a close relationship with Auckland City Mission).  They are working together cooperatively to ensure best impact from this donation including publicity for Lanaco and Rotary.  Thank you!
The above picture shows the first of the donated masks being received by the Salvation Army Rotary packers at Mt Wellington foodbank.
Masks are now a part of our daily lives but the Gold Standard, N95 masks, are largely unobtainable by the average person.  The masks that people are using help prevent the spread of virus FROM the wearer but are very poor at preventing a wearer RECEIVING virus that is in the air – the N95 quality is designed to both prevent the spread and protect the wearer.
Within the next couple of weeks, a huge initiative called the ONE MILLION MASKS (1MM) is to be launched nation-wide and all Rotarians and clubs can be involved.  The primary purpose is for clubs to identify and supply vulnerable communities with access to N95-equivalient masks by a set ‘donation’ in exchange for boxes of 10 masks.  The same masks will be accessible to Rotarians at the charity price and via Rotary connections by small business with a premium price.  Details out soon but immense care has been taken to ensure all the legal and tax considerations have been sorted.
The masks are the same as recently used by our NZ Olympic Team and cricketers and are designed to ensure a good and effective fit and be easy and comfortable to wear (including for longer periods).  While not washable, they are reusable a few times.  They will come in boxes of 10 masks.  Rotary club orders via Lanaco will be monthly – Lanaco are making virtually no margin on these so will manufacture on batches against collated orders.
More on the Lanaco masks at  - there is a code for Rotarians to use to get these at a special rate (same rate as the club charity rate) which will be communicated later (or contact Colin now) and of which members are asked not to circulate.
Whatever masks you are using please dispose of these properly to secure rubbish receptacles, preferably with the straps cut.  We do not want to impact our environment.