Many of our Club Members have remarked about Gonza’s glorious head of hair and suggested that he should consider a hair cut as a fundraiser (like we did for Henning).  We asked Gonza about this and really hope you enjoy reading his response…
Almost every day I receive comments for my hair, luckily most of them are very good.  Many adults tell me they do not like it and others tell me that they really like it.  What people think will not change what I think and I do not say it selfishly.
Personally, I do not like long hair on myself but in the end it's just something I can change whenever I want. There's something that nobody thinks to ask and that's “Why do you have long hair?” I do not like to talk about this because I sincerely feel that I do not need to. I think things are done more by doing than by saying.
As I said, I do not like having long hair very much, sometimes it makes me tired as it's difficult to keep it healthy. Once a month I have to spend an hour putting special cream in my hair and once a week another special cream which takes about 20 minutes.
The one thing that gives me all the energy to do it is that is that there is a young child who going through chemotherapy waiting for my hair in Argentina. It's not a problem for me because I'm lucky that my hair grows, there are people who can't, so I decided to let my hair grow and I will donate it when I get back to Argentina next January.
Thanks for sharing this story with us Gonza – what a lovely thing to be able to do!