The odds of winning Lotto are 1 in 383,838. You might think that “Hey, that’s a chance!” but the odds are so extremely low.
A better option if you want your hard-earned money to do some good is to make a donation to The Rotary Foundation.  That way you KNOW it will do good to children, women and men in real need of a helping hand up.  The great news is that the way the Grant system works, coupled with the vibrancy of our own club, means as a club we gain back far more than we ever contribute thanks to the skill of our Rotary Foundation coordinator, Gary Key - think ONJA, Have a Go Sailing and much more.  So, instead of Lotto each month why not consider donating the $20/month to The Rotary Foundation?! Thanks to those who have already contributed and please contact Gary at anytime if your have questions about The Rotary Foundation, how to donate or suggestions for projects we can support with their help.  Interesting facts, knowledge and Foundation stories from around the region are in the November Rotary Down Under magazine here.