A small number of members have reported receiving emails purporting to be from other members that were in fact scams.  The text in these was: “hello where are you at the moment....I need you to do something".
The Rotary Oceania ICT Committee has confirmed that the Clubrunner website has NOT been hacked. 
The information below is not comprehensive, but hopefully beneficial - certainly worth a read.  (Click "Read more")
Also, the BNZ are running a SPAM education programme at present so have a look at https://www.getscamsavvy.co.nz/
The Recipient of the Spam email has not been hacked but the Sender is likely to have been, (and therefore their Contacts accessed), so need to change their email password ASAP.  This is a consequence of being active in cyber space; very common and we are all at risk of this happening.
Put simply, if you receive a phone call that asks you to do anything to your PC or devices, asks you to verify your contact details, asks for any banking or any account details at all ... hang up - Immediately.  Do not engage in further conversation at all.
Ask this question of all emails … "is this from someone I know? and does it look OK?"  If the sender's email address for example looks odd, or the way the content is expressed is off, BE CAREFUL.  After all you could always phone the sender to check all is legit.
If you ever receive an email with an embedded link, hover your mouse over it and see if it is a legit website – if ANY doubt, do not click.  Instead use Google to find the site and access that way.
If there is an attached document, do not open if there is any doubt as doing so can inject unwanted code into your PC … again, is the email itself OK?  Is this the sort of attachment you would expect to receive?  Do not open any unusual file ends like .DAT etc.
If you are doing online shopping their emails NEVER have attachments ... plus you were expecting the email. 
This is one of these new learning environments for everybody - we need to engage brain first before ANY response especially where someone is asking for something that even hints of parting with money!
And have good antivirus software installed and always up to date.